GHS grad and former Bulldog QB Jabe Burgess is pursuing another passion of his, music. Burgess moved to Nashville two weeks ago and began working with the Nashville based music publishing company, Springer Ink who, has signed the Greenwood native to an exclusive songwriting agreement. Springer Ink is owned by veteran songwriter and music publisher Mark Alan Springer.

“I’m really excited,” said Burgess. “I have been coming out here for about a year now working with different writers. I am happy to sign with them and start working.”

Springer, a fellow Arkansan, has written or published 17 top ten country songs, seven of those climbing to number one on the country music charts and was named BMI’s Country Songwriter of the Year in 1998. “I have been tracking Jabe’s songwriting for a couple of years. His hard work and dedication are evident in his growth as a writer and singer,” says Springer, “Jabe has great potential as a recording artist and a songwriter”.

Springer believes that Burgess’s experiences as a football quarterback standout is a big plus in handling the challenges of the music business. “I’ve always felt that participation in sports is a great prerequisite to the music business”, added Springer, “learning to deal with people (coaches, fans, teammates, parents, and officials) while possessing the discipline to improve on one’s given talents are essential characteristics of success in our industry”.

“I have envisioned this for years and it’s a dream come true” Says Burgess, “I’m looking forward to evolving creatively and professionally in my songwriting career. It is important to me to surround myself with people who inspire and believe in me. I’m proud to call Springer Ink my songwriting home”. Burgess’s publishing partner has also served as President of Nashville Songwriters Association International and Chairman of the Nashville Songwriter’s Foundation board of directors. His hits include Tanya Tucker’s “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane”, Travis Tritt’s “Where Corn Don’t Grow”, Colin Raye’s “One Boy, One Girl”, and Kenny Chesney’s “Grandpa Told Me So”, “All I Need to Know”, “That’s Why I’m Here”, and “When I Close My Eyes”.

Burgess stated that he plans to continue to perform as well and will be one of the bands at this year’s Freedom Fest on the Square on Independence Day at 10 am and 1:15 pm.

“I wake up every morning excited and ready to go,” said Burgess. “It is a cool feeling.”

Burgess will be performing Saturday night at the Sound Room in Fort Smith.