Greenwood resident and owner of Lin’s House, Chinese Restaurant, Sean Lin was recently sworn in as a citizen of the United States.

Sean moved to the states in 1992. “Back then China had just opened up,” said Lin. “It was crazy the amount of people that came over at that time. Kids just wanted to come here for the American dream.”

Sean lived in New York for ten years where he learned how to cook and about the restaurant business before moving to Greenwood in 2002.

“I learned that there was an opportunity here,” said Lin. “So I came here to start my own business. There was no competition, there was not another Chinese restaurant”

Lin’s house was take out only in the beginning, but as his business grew Sean was able to purchase the old Sonic building and renovate into a place where he could serve a buffet.

“A lot of people were not sure how to order takeout,” said Sean. “They don’t know what dishes are called and so the buffet helps because everything is already there for them to choose from.”

From that point on business started booming.

Lin stated that he has sold almost all of his property in China and started the citizenship process three months ago. “It was hard,” said Lin. “There were 100 questions and it was a lot of information not only about history but how the government works, how the congress works, how the senate works, so it was hard.”

Sean has been very active in the community since moving to Greenwood. Lin served on the Advertising and Promotion Committee when It was first enacted in 2007, has served on the economic development committee for the city and has began purchasing land in Greenwood for future business ventures.

Sean and his wife Angela have two children, Cheryl and Eason.

“I love it here,” said Lin. “I love it in Greenwood. This is just a great community, great people and great schools.”