I enjoy cliches. There is a great amount of meaning behind them and they are practical. After all they are cliches for a reason right? Two of my favorite are: “Many hands make light work” and “A watched pot never boils”, which I apply to local journalism all of the time.

My all time favorite cliche has to be “The squeaky wheel get the grease”. You have to let people know what you need and everyone needs reminders, especially me. You can tell me about an event a month ahead of time if you want to, but you had better be prepared to remind me several times as the date approaches.

Being the squeaky wheel sometimes gets me into a bind. For example; when the Greenwood School District built the Freshman Center they tore up the class of 1994’s sidewalk; my class.

I struggled so hard with math through high school I could hardly believe that I had graduated until I saw my name written on our class sidewalk.

So when I realized that it was gone I took upon myself to agitate Assistant Superintendent, Kevin Hesslen about the missing sidewalk nearly every time I saw him (Squeak squeak).

I kept this up for a while. And then last week I received a call from Hesslen saying that the class of 2018 would be writing their names on their sidewalk and that the class of 94 would have theirs re-poured at the same time.

And then Mr. Hesslen said something I was not quite prepared for. “You will need to be there around 8:30 am to start writing the names,” he said. “You have a crew to help you right?”

I did not have a crew but said that I did. I began to sweat. And then I remembered that the class of 94 has a Facebook page and I begged anyone and everyone to come out and help me. Classmates Lance Butler, Michael Glover and Richard Belue showed up to help as did my wife, Christy. None of us can draw that well and so Sharla Derry, class of 1990, came out and drew our bulldog for us.

Between waiting for the cement to dry to the correct consistency and writing all of the names the project took about six hours to complete.

So once again the class of 1994 is represented on campus, I got a nice sunburn on my face and learned to maybe not squeak so loud in the future.

Thank you Mr. Hesslen, Sharla and everyone that came out to help. If you didn’t show up I would still be out there writing names.