On Monday, April 30, author Roland Smith visited East Pointe Elementary and East Hills Middle School. Mr. Smith, a native of Portland, Oregon, writes both children and young adult fiction and non-fiction. His award-winning books include Peak, Cryptid Hunters, Elephant Run, the IQ Series and many more.

While at East Pointe, he spoke in the media center where students spent time asking questions, taking pictures and getting autographs. East Hills sponsored a “Lunch with the Author” inviting students into the media center to meet the author. Later, the 5th and 6th grade students met with Roland Smith in the storm shelter where he shared his journey as an author.

Roland Smith’s witty and interactive presentation included his life’s adventures as a zookeeper and research biologist that took him all over the world. Students were awed as he spoke about reintroducing the gray wolf into Yellowstone, rescuing otters during the Valdez oil spill, working with elephants in Africa, and even studying the snow leopard of Afghanistan. These experiences and more are the basis of his books. He then shared his secret to writing, giving students tips on how to improve their own stories.

Mr. Smith left the students with a challenge to read over the summer. Students and teachers alike enjoyed meeting him and left inspired to read his books.