Hello, I’m Steve Hotz, candidate for Sebastian County Treasurer-Collector. I’m running for office to do what I can to make life better in Sebastian County.

Protecting your tax dollars, investing locally and maximizing returns are all priorities of mine. Additionally, I will use my many years of management and financial experience to ensure the office is run in an efficient manner so that your tax dollars reach their intended recipient. I have changes in mind that will free up approximately $1.8 million dollars that could have gone to our schools and local communities, with additional funds identified to be dispersed in the future.

Taking care of veterans, senior citizens and all taxpayers with their tax issues will be of upmost priority once I take office. I welcome calls from anyone who needs help at the courthouse as I believe we are in office to serve our citizens.

Other improvements I have in mind are intended to make life easier for the citizens of Sebastian County. I foresee the end of standing in line twice, once to assess and then again at the collector’s window to verify payment of taxes. I have already worked out arrangements so this can be done in one step. Of course electronic processing will also be available where possible.

I will make every effort to keep your name out of the newspaper should you forget to pay your taxes on time. We will utilize phone, text, email, mail or whatever means possible to get in touch to save you the embarrassment. We know it is often just a mistake, and if you need help with a payment plan I will work out whatever is possible within the law.

I have several more ideas that will make the office more efficient, user friendly, and save tax payers’ money.

I am very pleased to have our previous assessor Becky Yandell as my campaign chairman. Becky and I worked together on issues in the past and having her on my team is an endorsement of me and what I plan to accomplish.

I’ve worked at the County for 6 years, but I also have 30 years in the private sector where I was trained to be efficient and cost effective. I truly believe I look at things differently than an incumbent with 30 years government experience. I have the experience, education (MBA with an emphasis in Finance) and proven ability to work with others to successfully move this office in the right direction. I’ve owned two businesses so I know what customer service and being proactive are all about, as well as the burden taxes can place on a small business. I want to bring these skills to this office so we can have the best Treasurer-Collector’s office possible. The only way I can make that happen is with your vote in the May 22 Republican Primary. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the community in which I was born and raised, and want to see prosper. If we want a good education and jobs for our kids and grandkids, we need to use our resources wisely and work together for the good of all Sebastian County. Thank You. Steve Hotz - Phone 479-719-4680