The Greenwood Farmers Bank has announced that they will be giving away copies of their new book Rising from the Rubble: The 1968 Tornado Archive Vol. One.

Farmers is planning a special event at the bank on Thursday April 19, at 3:30 pm to remember the those devastated by the storm 50 years ago and to distribute their book at no charge.

According to Elliot Brown, Vice President of Marketing for Farmers Bank, the book is a collection of news clippings from across the united states about the tornado that were saved by Means Wilkinson Sr., who was the president of the bank when the tornado struck Greenwood.

“Any time an article came out about the tornado he clipped them out and saved them,” said Brown. The book will include articles that Wilkinson had collected from as far away as New York and Mexico.

“The articles describe what a large disaster the tornado was,” said Brown. “It got national coverage there had not been something quite so dramatic that affected a whole town like that. People from neighboring states were sending in donations and help. It must have been shocking to see a whole town devastated.”

Rising from the Rubble will be a 93 page 8 ½ x 11 book. Farmers has ordered 1,000 copies of the book for giveaway and will be first come first serve.

“The last couple of pages of the book were left intentionally blank,” said Brown. “That way people can fill in their own story of the tornado if they have memories that they want to share. They can write those down so that when they pass it on to loved ones or family members the record is written down and recorded.”

Brown has been working on this project since the anniversary of the tornado last year. Brown did the layout and design of the book and stated that the book is titled Vol. 1 in case the bank decides to print another edition with some articles that did not make it into the current volume and for future stories about the twister.