Monday night the South Sebastian County Historical Society unveiled the 2018 Key Magazine, which features stories about the April 19, 1968 tornado. Key Editor Carah Efurd stated that she had the idea to have students from her sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes to interview survivors of the tornado back in 2008 and again this year for the 50th anniversary of the twister.

The students conducted the interviews, transcribed them and wrote the stories. The students and their subjects made an appearance at the unveiling of the Key Monday night and several of the survivors addressed the packed Means Wilkinson Community room at Farmers Bank.

This year’s Key is 120 pages with photographs and stories about not only the tornado but about the events that the SSCHS has been involved in over the past year. The Key can be purchased at the Osborn Agency, The Warehouse or ordered at SSCHS, P.O. Box 523, Greenwood Arkansas, 72936 at a price of $15.