I have spent so much time working on the 1968 tornado project that it is now difficult to see Greenwood in the same light. I drive past the Pizza Barn now and try to picture it as the old post office. I have a hard time imagining a fair barn where Speed-E-Mart now sits but I know it was there. I am saddened by the loss of the old courthouse not to mention all of the other historic buildings that were lost in the storm.

I have been told time and time again about the croquet course on the Square where the old men gathered to play. I am sure I would been one of those old men eventually. I can easily imagine myself on Amazon picking out the nicest mallet I could find trying to get an edge on the men that have been playing for years.

I imagine myself in my 50’s being called “rookie”. I would smile and give as good as I got I’m sure, being on the fire department has prepared me for such banter.

How nice would it be after a round of croquet to walk over to the City Diner on the north side of the Square for an omelette and some coffee? And I know that I could take up golf but it is not the same. I am terrible at golf.

The closest I have ever come to golf was when I was a kid finding errant balls lying in the brush or in streams and trying to sell them back to the golfers. I had a nice little racket going at 25 cents per ball and 10 cents per tee. I was lucky that I wasn't killed by a golf ball running around on the fairway with my shoebox full of found treasure.

It is hard to argue with the growth and progress Greenwood has made since 1968 but it makes you wonder what the city would look like had the tornado in April of that year never occured.