Sebastian County Medic, Jeff Brooks, has served the community for the last four years. Brooks worked as a Fort Smith Police officer from 2002-2012. Jeff stated that he was not initially interested in becoming a paramedic but attended classes with friend, Bruce Fletcher. On his first day on an ambulance he and his partner worked a code and the pair were able to get the patient back. “It was pretty much the greatest feeling that I have ever had. As an EMT Basic I was not able to do a lot,” said Brooks. “After that day I realized that I might enjoy this.” Jeff stated that he began to pick up more and more shifts and finally made the decision to attend paramedic school at Kiamichi in Poteau. Brooks stated that he took a large pay cut while going back to school. After receiving his licence Brooks went to work for Fort Smith EMS, where he worked from 2012 until recently when he made the move to Sebastian County.

“To say that I love it here is not good enough,” said Brooks. “For once in my life I could not think of anything to say when I was offered the job here. I hated leaving Fort Smith because they gave me my start. They took a chance on me, who had no medical background whatsoever, but this was the right move for me and my family.”

Jeff has been married to his wife Amanda for 12 years. They have three daughters Kaylea, Taylor and Elizabeth.