At the November meeting the Greenwood City Council voted 5-1 to strike down two ordinances that would permit two local businesses to pursue a license that would allow them to sell alcohol at their private clubs.

While the vote ensured that no alcohol will be sold in Greenwood for the time being it may have also had a ripple effect dampening the hopes of those hoping to bring alcohol sales to the southern part of the county.

“It really dashed my hopes when I heard what had happened in Greenwood,” said Barling City Administrator Mike Tanner.

Tanner explained that he and the Barling Board of Directors has been working on putting together a coalition to bring the issue to the voters in South Sebastian County.

“Someone sent me the article where the Greenwood Council shot down about every Idea on alcohol that they had,” said Tanner. “So I am really worried that Greenwood will not be on board. I don’t know if the other small cities and towns in South Sebastian can outweigh Greenwood, I really don’t think that they can.”

Tanner went on to say that he is rethinking his strategy and plans to meet with meet with the mayors of the surrounding areas during the opening of Barling’s new City Hall this week. “I want to get together with the city leaders and talk with them. I need their input to see if this will carry in their city or if it won’t. If it won’t then I’m not going to expend the time, effort and money that it will take to get this together.”

The Barling Board of Directors attempted to write a private club ordinance of their own, according to Tanner, but until the board is approached by a business that wants to pursue the license with the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Commission not such ordinance can be passed.