Greenwood School District Athletic Director, Dr. Dustin Smith, addressed the school board during their October meeting and received approval to replace the scoreboards at the H.B. Stewart Basketball Arena. “When we opened the arena in 1996 our scoreboard were state of the art,” said Smith. “21 years later they are no longer state of the art.”

Smith explained that the old scoreboards are dated and no longer work the way that they are suppose to.

The new scoreboards that he proposed will also act as video boards with HD technology and will be larger. The old stat board is 23’x5’ and will be replaced by a 33’x10’ board. The scoreboard on the opposite side of the arena will by 10’x7’.

“A variety of things can be done with the scoreboards,” said Smith. “They will enhance the experience for our student athletes, they will enhance the experience for the fans and they will provide a revenue stream for our athletic department and our school with the opportunity for sales for ads.”

Smith stated that he has met with one donor that will be picking up half of the tab for the new boards and that he has plans to meet with additional donors in order to cover the costs but ultimately believes that the boards will pay for themselves.

The school board agree to pay for the scoreboards upfront until the donations are received. The total cost for the boards will be $128,837 and should be installed before the first home game.

In other news:

The 2018 graduation start time will be at 7 pm instead of the usual 7:30 pm. The earlier start time was proposed to give families more time after the ceremony, particularly the one that have to travel to attend.

Superintendent John Ciesla stated that he plans to seek approval from the school’s personnel policy committee to raise the base salary of teachers by $500 and an additional $250 for teachers with a master's degree. “My hope is that this will bring us into line with the top tier schools across the state that we like to fall into regarding salaries,” said Ciesla. “I believe that will bring us into the top ten of salaries.”

Ciesla stated that he would return to the board for approval by the end of the year if he receives the go ahead from the Personnel Policy Committee.