Austin Tanner, a Walmart dependent and son of Pamela Osborne Tanner was awarded the Walmart Scholarship this month. Every year Walmart gives to associates with dependents. Tanner had to apply and write an essay. Tanner recently graduated from GHS and plans to attend ATU with a major in psychology. Walmart Manager, Christy Clark said, "I’m excited that someone from our community is getting the scholarship. Today is pretty exciting."

Tanner stated that ATU has a good psychology program. He is eligible for up to 16,000 in renewable scholarships over 4 years. Tanner will be apart of the "Wonder Boys" organization. Tanner is a confident young man, telling jokes to the crowd of associates. "I was myself in my essay, I was confident and humorous."

Pamela Osborne Tanner said, "I am so proud of him and I am proud to work at Walmart."

Austin, Pamela, and Grandma, Cindy Lorenson celebrated with associates and ate special Dr. Seuss cupcakes. Dr. Seuss posters line the walls of the employee break room.