Allyson Carr is a member of the Greenwood High School Lady Bulldogs soccer team. The Bulldog Express recently visited with Carr for a brief question-and-answer interview about her soccer playing days, the team and the season as a whole..

BE: What position do you play?

AC: Right outside back

BE: What is your jersey number?

AC: No. 17

BE: What is your favorite position?

AC: The only position I play – defense

BE: Have you ever had any soccer injuries?

AC: The worst injury I had was a sprained ankle.

BE: How will soccer help your future?

AC: It helps you work hard and play as a team.

BE: Do you plan to keep on playing?

AC: I just plan on playing in high school. After that, it will just be a hobby.

BE: How’s the season going so far?

AC: It’s going well. We’ve beaten the defending state champions.

BE: What are some things you can improve on?

AC: Talking on the field.