On Good Friday Bob, Connie, and I made our trip to Crystal Bridges Art Museum to see the American Chronicles: Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was even more fantastic that I had expected. Being a lover of his paintings I was thrilled that my two children chose to take me with them when they went. They said they were really going just to take me, but I know how much they, too, admire and enjoy his art work. What I love about his paintings is the fact that he was a keen observer of human nature and each picture tells a story. His paintings grace the covers of more than three hundred Saturday Evening Post covers. The exhibit also includes materials from the Norman Rockwell Museum. What was so interesting was how he made sketches, color studies before he painted a picture. He often used family members and neighbors for models. Most of the time it was his wife and a son. My favorite picture was one of the large paintings of our four freedoms. The one that impressed me the most and brought tears to my eyes was the freedom of speech. It depicts a man, who by looking at his hands must have been a man who did hard labor such as a cold miner or farmer, was standing before a crowd speaking I am sure what was on his mind. I almost cried as I stood looking at that painting, thinking we are free to stand before our fellow man and express our opinions. The look on the man’s face showed his concern about what he was talking about. What was so touching to me was the fact that we do live in a country where there is free speech. I, also, loved the other freedom paintings. The freedom of worship, the freedom from fear, and the freedom from want.

When we left Fort Smith it looked like it might turn out to be a pretty day. Was I ever wrong, before we got just past Alma it started raining and by the time we got to Mountainburg it was pouring down. Then we hit fog. I sure was glad that I could ride along without having to watch my driving.

Our reservations for the exhibit was for eleven o’clock which is when the museum opens so we didn’t have to stand in a line. Parking was in the parking area under the building so we did not have to walk in the rain. What a blessing. There were several school buses there when we got there and lots and lots of cars. It seemed as if the students had already been through the exhibit before it opened to the public. I think it is wonderful that students get exposed to things like the Art Museum and the painting of a Great American Artist.

Our plans after we left the museum was to go to the Fresh Market at the Pinnacle Mall in Rogers. When we got there one could not have asked for a more beautiful day. The sun had come out and there was no wind. I love the Fresh Market especially their sour dough bread. Bob loves their Crème Brulee. I noticed he had three in his cart. We, the three of us, have made trips to Rogers just to go to the market. I saw other people from Fort Smith there. The market had fruits and vegetables that we don’t usually see in the store here. After going to lunch we headed home. Again we drove through a light rain and returned home with there being just a light sprinkle. A phrase Mama always used "We had a nice LARGE DAY."