Monday we observed one of America’s most important holidays..MEMORIAL DAY. As I was growing up it was always observed on May the thirtieth. I had quite an argument with both my two children about it. Bob finally looked it up to find out the date was changed I believe he said 1975. I told them it was changed to the last Monday in May so people could have a three day weekend. That is what it means to most people. I just wonder how many people stop to think about why we observe this day and give THANKS for all those who down through the years have given their lives so we might enjoy life the way we do today. To those who returned home from war never the same person who left. Frank never talked much about his years in service having spent forty-two months in combat. He was awarded five Major Battle Stars for the battles he was in. I know that I never gave him the respect he deserved. I guess I never really understood what he had been through as he didn’t talk about it.

I received the following poem written by an unknown Author from Guidepost which expresses my feelings. It is as follows: THANKS TO THE AMERICAN WARRIORS. " From the colonist, who rebelled, to the soldier of today, My thanks, be to you, I know not what else to say. Since the words I do not have, to give the tribute that is due, so a simple heartfelt thanks, sincerely I give to you. Thanks to our American heroes, whose devotion is second to none, whose courage and braveness alone caused many battles to be won. Only because of you and the price you’re willingly pay, only because of you Old Glory still flies today." I think this poem expresses what we should think about when we count our blessings every day. It is for all who have ever served our country that I fly the American Flag twenty-four seven. Frank always had one flying lighted at night and since his passing I have followed this tradition. I have had several people thank me for flying it. It is beautiful especially at night unfurled.

I hope many of you took the time to drive through the National Cemetery along the Avenue of Flags. Flags that has draped the coffin of an American Veteran. Some time when you have time visit the cemetery, walk among the graves of the many unknown buried there. To me it is away to be sure they are never forgotten.

Memorial Day always bring thoughts of "Flanders Field where poppies grow between the crosses row on row." The resting place of so many World War One soldiers who left the American shores never to return. It is because of Flanders Field that the poppy has become the symbol for Memorial Day.

I hope you enjoyed our Holiday, the picnics, fishing trip, cook outs, a trip to the lake, and a swim, but please, please don’t forget why we have this SPECIAL DAY.