Members of the Greenwood senior high and junior quiz bowl teams will be competing against teams from around the country on May 23-25 during the National Academic Championship in New Orleans, La.

Twenty students in all – 10 senior and 10 junior high students – will compete in the event, which features 30 teams in each division. Greenwood qualified for the national competition by either winning an academic competition (local or regional) of at least eight teams or finishing in the top 15 percent of any tournament.

"I am grateful to have two teams that are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to study and practice in order to qualify for the tournament and for a school administration and a fine group of parents who are all very supportive of the quiz bowl program," quiz bowl coach Rick Clow said.

"I think this will be an excellent opportunity for our team to see how we stack up against teams from other states. It will also be a way for our team to meet other students who love playing quiz bowl and develop friendships and contacts with those other students. The format of the games is somewhat different than what we play regularly, so I want students to become more familiar with the format because I’m hoping that this will not be a one-time experience."

The competition will take up of a lot of time. Each team is guaranteed six preliminary matches.

"We have been practicing weekly after school using questions from previous national tournaments," Clow said. "The students are also studying and memorizing lists on their own and are using Quizlet lists that we have created."

Clow said the group also has planned several educational activities. They students are planning on going to the zoo, the aquarium and take in a movie at the New Orleans IMAX Theater.

He said there is a chance the group might stop in Vicksburg, Miss., on its way to New Orleans and visit the Civil War battlefield and cemetery.

The trip, for the most part, will be funded by money raised by the quiz bowl teams and funds from the gifted and talented program budget.

Students are responsible for their own meals and tickets to the attractions. The school district will provide transportation.

"We had planned since the end of the last school year to host our own invitational to start raising money, so in January we hosted a junior high invitational tournament to help raise funds. The money earned at the tournament, along with prize money earned by the junior high team for their win at the Tournament of Champions last year was enough to cover registration," Clow said.

"When we figured costs and realized there would be enough money remaining in the G/T budget to pay for rooms, we sought administration and school board approval. This was granted at the April school board meeting."