I sometimes forget that Konner has autism. I know this may sound strange to some, but it is true. It has become such a part of our life that it is our norm. It’s only when his autistic tendencies disrupt our lives that I am slammed back into reality and remember that it can be a burden.

That may seem harsh to some to call it a burden, but let’s face it, sometimes it is. When you have to put everything you’re doing on hold because of a meltdown or an OCD moment it is an inconvenience.

In these moments don’t forget what they must feel like. Don’t forget that this thing that consumes them has taken over their body. They can’t help their actions.

As I’ve said many times in the past, autism is just one of Konner’s characteristics. So when he came in my room this morning to tell me a story and he was jumping around and flapping his hands while doing so I almost missed it. I almost forgot that he has this "disorder".

I had to smile as my mind grasped the oddities that come along with autism; the things we have become so used to. These are the signs that parents look for when they are trying to find out what is "wrong" with their children. These are the same things that I feel make him who he is.

Sure there are some bad aspects to this disability, but there are some great ones too.

This is what allows him to concentrate on a subject until he’s nearly obsessed. It is the same thing that allows him to be able to design and develop trains on his computer, excel at math and reading, and have a great memory about the things he loves.

It is a part of who he is, and it has become a part of who we are as a family.