Truckin’ Delicious a Mobile Cafe will be coming to Greenwood on June 10th and will stay on the square through Saturday from 11am-7pm. The Mobile Cafe owned by Tasha Taylor and her husband "Mr. Truckin Fix It", Alan Taylor. The menu will feature a chef inspired rotating menu featuring locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Tasha Taylor spoke about her upcoming debut, "I have a passion for cooking and we are doing a spin on Southern Cuisine. I have a culinary trained Chef, Adam Talley who has an epicurean passion. His dishes are born from those he was exposed to ranging from rich and hearty to light and fragrant summer greens. We will be doing different things each week." The menu features southern favorites like a jazzed up BLT called the "The Get in my Belly" with hand sliced pork belly and fried green tomatoes, a Meatloaf sandwich "The Loafin Around" with caramelized onions, cheddar and a tomato bacon jam, unique summer salads served on flat bread, and of course fried pickles and fried green tomatoes. "We’re excited to bring our unique brand of Southern Cuisine to a town that I love. Go Bulldogs!" Taylor stated. Check out their website for more details