I believe that J onna Barton should win the mother of the year award. She is a beautiful and brilliant woman who has made an astounding impact on everyone around her. She is a very loving and hardworking mother who has raised four children that have been taught to make a difference in the world. J onna has raised her children to care for others and try their best to excel in life like she did herself. She is also very protective of her children and certainly wouldn’t hesitate to protect her six foot, twenty-five year old son with her barely five foot tall body. Jonna is also very selfless. She has inspired me, her daughter, to act that way too. Jonna will put her family and her love for Christ first. Whether it be driving hours on end through storms for her children, helping the church, or donating money she will always put others before herself. She sets herself apart from the others because of her actions. Even on those days where others would be pulling out their hair she just takes a deep breath and assess the situation at hand. My mother has taught me that caring is more important. She works at West Wood helping as a para and she loves her job. She loves helping anyone and everyone! I do believe that she is the mother of the year and I am very proud to say the she has made an enormous impact on my life as I grow up. To me, Jonna Barton can not be described in words. How do you describe someone so phenomenal, marvelous, amazing, or fabulous? We just call her mom.