I am not bragging but I am a member of a very ELITE track team. I used to think women were the only ones allowed into this group. In fact I have always thought that you had to be a certain age to belong. I guess most members are senior citizens. The only problem with this team you are usually called out at night. Most time you get the call when you are in a deep sleep. The track isn’t very long, but in order not to be late I keep my track shoes next to my bed. If you don’t get to the finish line in time you are penalized. I have been penalized a few times for not making it on time. It is really quite embarrassing to know you didn’t win the race. I was kinda glad to find out that men were allowed to join this team, that it wasn’t opened to women only. Many times when I get back in bed from a race I have trouble getting back to sleep. When this happens it is the times when the strangest things enter my mind and I can’t go back to sleep. Things that happened years ago that I had completely forgotten about or thought I had.

Last night I started remembering the period of time when the late Willie Berry and I worked at Sparks Hospital. Willie didn’t drive in Fort Smith so I drove her car one day and mine the next. Due to gas prices at that time we both had small cars. I had a bright red Chevy Chevette. I can’t remember what kind Willie had except it was as small as mine and brown. We worked the 3:30 till 12:00 shift. I used to tell her we ought to get a motorcycle with a side car as it would be cheaper. For some reason she didn’t think much of the idea. She said, "We might get wet if it rained," which brings me to the thought that kept me awake last night. One day as we were going to work it was raining so hard I could hardly see to drive. It was before the work was done on Mill Creek near the Phoenix Village Mall. Towson Avenue used to really flood in that area where the Avenue crosses over the Mill Creek Bridge. When we came to that area the water was really rushing over the bridge. There were cars stalled along the way going both directions. I just kept plowing through. The water was deep but all that was on my mind was if we had to stop we would be late for work which would have been worse than being penalized for not winning a race. That little car made it through that deep water. I had never been warned about the danger of being swept off the bridge by the swift water. I should have had better sense but I didn’t. The past few weeks I have heard so much about the many drownings just in this area that when I got to thinking about us going through that water I nearly had a rigor. When I think of all the dangerous things that my grandson does, things like "hang gliding", it nearly causes me to have the cold sweats as Mama used to say. Then I think about the stupid things his Granny has done. He knows what he is doing and I don’t always know what I am getting into. Anyway Willie and I thought we had done something smart making it through the high water while the bigger cars were stranded. I do know our GUARDIAN ANGELS were working overtime that day. Would I do it again? I think I have learned to never cross a bridge when it is flooding! I had rather be penalized for not winning the race.