Another male child was born to Howell and Sara and his name was Jesse Devrow Little, born Nov. 10, 1877 in Stockton, Wilson County, Texas. In 1898, when Jesse was only 21, he married Rosa Cleveland. They had 6 children together and raised them in the San Antonia, Texas area.

Their first child was found on a 1900 U. S. Federal Census for Jessie D. Little and his wife Rosa. The baby was a son and born Feb. 1898. I could find no name for this child, and he is not on the 1910 U. S. Federal Census. In 1900 they were living in Justice Precinct, Coke County, Texas. A daughter was Lillie May born May 30, 1900. When she was 17 she married Edwin Albert Deres. They tied the knot June 19, 1917 in Bexar County, Texas. Two things happened a few years later. Lillie May died and she gave birth to her son Harold Edward Deres. She was only 19 at the time she died.

I researched her husband Edwin Albert Deres and learned he married three times including his marriage to Lillie. His first wife was Lillie than he married Helen Slaughter shortly after his wife Lillie May Little died Aug. 5, 1919. Later in life he married Irene Elizabeth Hanson.

The few years that Lilly and Edwin had together produced a son named Harold Edward Deres. He was born July 29, 1919 in Bexar County, Texas. He married Dorothy Louise Harmon but I didn’t see any records that gave any indication they had children. Harold died Nov. 21, 1970 in Laredo, Texas.

Jesse and Rosa had another son named Willie E. Lytle. He was born Mar. 17, 1903. I could only find a birth index for him and a 1930 census record. According to his birth index he was born in Rains County, Texas. The 1930 U.S. Census shows him age 27 and still living with his mom and dad who are 53 and 52 at this time.

John Hubert Little was born in 1902 and was somewhat confusing to research. Some of his records used John and others used only Hubert. The 1910 U.S. census shows him age 8 living with his parents in Texas. His name on this census is Hubert. On the next 1920 census he goes by John H. He is now 17 and still living with his parents. The 1940 census showed he was now married and living at 625 Stonewall St. in rural Bexar, Texas. His wife’s name was Maria but her maiden name is not known. For her occupation it says she is an ironer. Hubert Little died Jan. 11, 1966 and is buried in the Zion Lutheran Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.

Another girl Mayme or Mannie Little is born some time in 1905. I could only find two records for her. One a U.S. Federal Census for 1910 and the other for 1920. The one for 1910 shows her name as Mayme L. and 5 at the time. Ten years later I find a census record that spells her name Mannie L. The family is living in San Antonio, Ward 3, Bexar County, Texas. She is now 15 years old and the census shows one younger sibling. Vera F. is listed as 9 and Harrold Ed Deres is at this address as age 0. Harrold is Edwin Deres and Sarah Little’s child. I found nothing else for her.

Finally Velma is born in 1910. Like her sister Mayme, I could find little for her. Only notation of her is in the U.S. Federal census for 1910 and 1020. Her name is spelled two different ways here also. In 1910 it is spelled Velma and she is only 1 month old. In 1920 her name is spelled Vera F. and she is 9 years old. I couldn’t find anything else for her. This is all the children of Jessie.