Our Dad, Doyle Eugene McHaffie III is someone, something even, to be marveled at. He’s not like other Dads, but I don’t say this as a generic saying, he really isn’t. Your Dad asks you how your day at school was, ours says that a teacher called and we are in big trouble. Which is never true, but fun for him to watch our faces contort into confused positions. He’s a man of promise, and he will hold himself true to his word, even if it means getting in trouble with our mom.

He’s a very manly man, but he will comfort you till there’s no end. Even if it’s not him giving you a big hug and telling you it’s going to be alright, it’s him being there for us. He makes us laugh, and have fun, there’s no telling what adventures you’ll have when Daddy is in the house. One time my brother and I had just gone to Walmart and we wanted to prank him, so we called up our Dad and told him this elaborate story of us getting lost and not knowing where we were. He didn’t freak out, or get mad like we thought he would, all he said was, "Let’s see if I can find you on google maps."

It’s hard to put into words how much you love someone. I could list off story after story, reason after reason, but none would do my father justice. I think that anyone will say that their father is the best, but how many of them really would go to court over it. I would. I love my Dad, my brother does too. He makes my brother and I better people and I wouldn’t want to change him for the world. No one can tell us he isn’t the best.