All GHS, GJH & EHMS choir members participated in a choir concert at the Greenwood PAC on May 5th. The choirs that sang were East Hills Ladies Chorus, GHS Jazz Trio, GHS Cantiamo, GHS, Belle Canto, GHS Chamber Choir Ladies Ensemble, EHMS/GJH/GHS Combined Male Chorus, GHS Chamber Choir, GHS Senior Ensemble, and the EHMS/GJH/GHS Combined Mass Chorus.

Some of the groups’ performances were: The EHMS/GJH/GHS Combined Male Chorus had a theme of "7th Inning Stretch". All of their selections can be heard at Major/Minor League Baseball stadiums throughout the nation. They sang, "God Bless America", "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and the Neil Diamond classic, "Sweet Caroline", a staple at any Boston Red Sox home game.

The evening was made extra heartwarming the dedication of the Song "Shake It Off" to Mr. Zimmerman’s daughter, Sloan by the GHS Belle Canto. Sloan is his youngest daughter, who also happens to have Down Syndrome. Shake it Off is her favorite song. Anytime she hears it, she immediately begins to "shake it off" herself. The Belle Canto had asked to sing "Shake It Off" as one of their selections for this concert. Zimmerman showed them a video of Sloan dancing to the song on his iPad. They then asked if they could dedicate a performance of it for Sloan at the concert. So, using the accompaniment track, portraits combined with facts about Down Syndrome, and video of Sloan "shaking it off", Zimmerman created a video to accompany the Belle Canto as they sang and danced to the song.

Another highlight was the EHMS/GJH/GHS Mass Choirs performance of "Someone to Love". The Queen classic featured a majority of the Choirs’ Class of 2015 singing the solos. Mr. Zimmerman loved to send the seniors out on a high note.

For Mrs. Murphy, she was amazed to see some students coming out of their shells, throwing caution to the wind and just performing for the audience.