I recently had one of my patients come in for an adjustment and he mentioned to me that he has been trying to get one of his family members to come for a visit so they can get help with their symptoms as well. The patient really would like his family member to see the benefits of chiropractic before going down the road of medications, injections, physical therapy, and possibly even surgery. Despite his advice, his family member insists on saying "I just don’t believe in chiropractic." Sadly this is a terrible misconception that many members of our society have. People with this mindset usually either have never tried chiropractic or heard something negative about chiropractic or they only tried chiropractic once, which is essentially about the same thing as taking one pill out of your prescription bottle of thirty pills.

This is very frustrating to both the chiropractic profession and me personally. Chiropractic is not a belief. You don’t have to cross your fingers, click your red slippers together three times, and wish upon a star for it to work. It just works. Sure it works better for some patients than others simply because conditions vary, patient activities and daily tasks vary, and various people respond differently, much like some medicines work for some people and conditions and not for others.

Chiropractic is way beyond a belief. Chiropractic is a science, a philosophy, and an art. It is the science of finding subluxations within the spine, which cause pressure on the nervous system and create abnormal function and pain. It is the philosophy of treating the body in a non-invasive and natural way. It is the art of adjusting the body by hand to restore the body’s normal function. Research has proven that even slight pressure on the nerves will prevent the nervous system from functioning normally. Whether or not you believe this makes no difference, much like if you drop a pencil it will fall to the ground regardless of if you believe in gravity or not.

I believe one of the major reasons people say they do not belief in chiropractic is fear of the unknown. Many people who say they do not believe in chiropractic are the same people who have never tried chiropractic in the first place. Much of this stems from fear of trying something a little different. Belief is a psychological state in which an individual holds to be true based on a proposition or premise whereas knowledge is an understanding of something based on facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. Knowledge negates the necessity to believe, which is why the chiropractic profession needs to do a better job of clinical research and patient education – so that patients can understand the truth about chiropractic and no longer have to just believe it works.

It’s your choice; I recommend you get to know chiropractic. Chiropractic works, and the sooner you start chiropractic care the better it will work for you. Most patients in my office know that chiropractic works for them and most patients cannot believe they waited so long to finally come in for a visit.