Back in 1965, between temporary appointments at Fort Chaffee and drawing a weekly unemployment check, I had time on my hands, and my friend Marjorie talked me into writing the Jenny Lind news for the Greenwood Democrat.

I might have been a bit too enthusiastic about the job, judging by the published "doings" that was going on in Jenny Lind that I wrote about and mailed to the paper…right after the 4th of July in 1965. And…the length of the article makes it look like, "I knew everything that was going on in Jenny Lind."

I’ve never considered myself as being nosey or gossipy, but I did assume that everyone liked to see their name in print.

Marjorie had written the Jenny Lind news before and I just took over where she left off.

That’s how she explained the job to me. Neither of us were recipients of awards in writing at that time and I didn’t bother to ask about guidelines, but after all these years I do feel just a little bit proud (or lucky is a better word, maybe). After 48 years, between this and that and them and those…I’m still on the job. I’m also glad I held onto a copy of the Jenny Lind news that I submitted to the Democrat back in 1965. I think I’ll take a break, read the news and engross myself in one of my favorite things to do…reminisce about my dear friend, "Margie" and other friends and neighbors I wrote about. The ones back in July of 1965. Just thought you might want to do the same.