CLARKSVILLE, Ark.— Experts in peach production will gather at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Fruit Research Station near Clarksville to discuss the latest research and technology available to solve some of the major problems peach growers face in Arkansas.

Late spring freezes, soil borne diseases and pest control are a few of the hurdles peach growers have to overcome for a successful harvest. Peaches are susceptible to numerous insects like the oriental fruit moth and peach tree borer, and diseases including brown rot, bacterial canker and bacterial spot.

The July 12 Peach Workshop will offer research-based solutions to tackle these issues and others that might arise.

“Attendees can expect to learn how to identify different fruit disorders, how to treat and prevent diseases and insects, what varieties are recommended for use in Arkansas and how to manage their fertility program,” said Amanda McWhirt, Division of Agriculture fruit and nut specialist.

Division experts will cover such topics as the basics of peach production, Arkansas developed peach varieties and post-harvest considerations. Attendees will also hear from two regional experts on disease management in peaches.

Guido Schnabel of Clemson University will discuss premature peach tree decline and the app he created to help growers identify insects and diseases. Phil Brennan of the University of Georgia will discuss major foliar and fruit diseases.

“Both are widely recognized plant pathologists who work on peaches and we are excited to have them come and share their expertise,” McWhirt said.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to take a field tour of the station.

The Peach Workshop will take place from 2-7:15 p.m. The Fruit Research Station is location at 1749 State HWY 18, Clarksville, Arkansas.

Registration costs $20 and includes dinner. To register please visit

For more information, contact the Fruit Research Station at 479-754-2406.