The Young Actors Guild, a non-profit youth theatre based out of Fort Smith, won five National Youth Arts Awards for their 2012 production of Les Miserables. Grant Harper and Missy Gipson will be attending the awards ceremony in New York City on August 18th.

Les Miserables won for Outstanding Production. Hunter Doohan and Grant Harper were named best Supporting Actor in a Musical for their roles as Marius and Javert, respectively, in Les Miserables. Missy Gipson will be awarded for best Direction and the show also receives an award for best Ensemble.

There were seven other nominations for the Les Miserables production: Chad Burris as Jean Valjean for Guest Actor; Loren McDaniel as Fantine for Guest Actress; Wes Savage as Thenardier for Supporting Actor in a Musical; Blakeley Knox as Cosette for Supporting Actress in a Musical; Catherine Leimberg as Mme. Thenardier for Supporting Actress in a Musical; Bekah Purifoy as Eponine for Supporting Actress in a Musical; and Matt Lee as Gavroche for Junior Division Supporting Actor.