East Pointe Drama Club debut performance of Amy’s Attic was Thursday, January 30, at the Greenwood Performing Arts Center. Over 72 children participated in the production of Amy’s Attic, written by Raymond King Shurtz.

Amy’s Attic was first produced at Playwright Workshop Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 1989. It became a primary summer workshop for children in 1990, 1991, and 1994 at that same theatre. The show was performed by the East Pointe Drama Club with special arrangements and royalties paid to The Anchorage Press, The International Agency of Plays for Young People, of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This magical story of Amy’s Attic is about Amy, played by Adalyn Barnes, who finds her great- grandfather’s magician trunk in her grandmother’s attic. From the attic, the circus comes to life with clowns, lions, acrobats, vendors, Siamese twins, a Ringmaster, a flower girl, janitors, firemen, a doctor, and a villain.

"We are very excited to have formed a drama club this year at East Pointe with over 85 students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade," states Mr. Mike Dean, East Pointe Elementary Principal.

Lydia Swarnes, Chloe Novak, and Kaitlin Freeman, all three are East Pointe Elementary fifth grade students, are happy to have a drama club. "I like drama, acting, singing, dancing, and creativity. I would like to thank my parents, teachers, and other family members for the chance to be in drama club," says Swarnes. Novak echos by saying, "I love to sing and I did not have any activity to pursue that, so thank you." Freeman states, "This is awesome!"

The East Pointe Drama Club is sponsored by Mrs. Malynda Sayers, third grade teacher, with help from Mrs. Becky Chatman, Mr. Rick Clow, Mrs. Stephanie Griffith, and Mrs. Hilary Huneycutt. "I can truly say that East Pointe has been blessed with talented children," says Sayers.

"Several staff members willingly donated their time to serve as sponsors for the drama club. We look forward to many years of drama leaders at East Pointe," states Mrs. Teresa Rose, East Pointe Assistant Principal.

The program is supported by the parents and the community, Arvest Bank and Greenwood Fire Department. Donations of canned food, gloves, mittens, hats, etc. were accepted and given to the Greenwood School District’s Parent Center.

"East Pointe and drama club rocks!" says Ashton Benoit, an East Pointe Kindergartner.