PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - 5 Years of Service: Amy King, Jennifer Staton, Barbara Brown, Candice Cumbie, Raydell Barbry, Frances Allen, Wanda Fugett and Chandra Brotherton. Tiffany Beshears (Not Pictured).

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM -10 Years of Service: Malynda Sayers, Jami Wood, Serbrina Williams, Kelly Young, Terri Weaver, Penny Smith, Sue McGee (20 years), Bridgett Moore, Laura Beth Anderson, Jay Weaver, Debra Posey, Violeta Simon, Marka Keddie, LuAnn Blackard, Bobby Brown, Brandy Smith, Teena Riggs, Jeana Parks, Kathy Hale, Trish Burklow, Karen Benjamin, Stephanie Griffin, Kim Lowe, Jared Miller, Dawn Davis, Becky Bynum and Demaris Barnett. Jan McCone (Not Pictured).

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - 15 Years of Service: Chris Young, Mike Posey, Vonda Hemphill, Jessica Bryan, Megan Whitson, Sheila Lemley, Tanya Cusick, Gina Baxley, Karen Preston, Michele Phillips, Aaron Gamble and Ann Caudle.

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - 20 Years of Service: Leslie Peresta, Betty Pond, Teresa Hart, David Thomas, Mark Steele and Lynn McElroy. Maria Buster and Pat Dickson (Not Pictured)

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - 25 years of service: Stephanie Robb, Debra Pyles, Mary Flippo and Camilla Cantrell.

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - 30 years of service: Barbara Styles, Sarah Jones, Jerry Cecil and Connie Barker. Meryl Ware (Not Pictured)

PHOTO BY DUSTIN GRAHAM - Jerry Cecil receives his award for 30 years of service to the school district from Superintendent John Ciesla at the Performing Arts Center Thursday morning.