Greenwood’s Elementary Quiz Bowl teams brought home multiple trophies from the Western Educational Cooperative’s three elementary level quiz bowl tournaments held recently in Van Buren.

Westwood’s fourth grade team won the 4th grade tournament. The team was led in scoring by Cooper Young and Carson Isgett, who alternated team captain duties with Lily Williams. Others on the winning team were Taylor Hankins, Harrison Adams, Hayden Webb, Evan Walker, Ashley Koeth, Brittany Faux and Maggie Leonard.

The East Pointe fourth grade team, which also includes some third graders, took third at the same tournament. Captain Graecyn Higgins, a fourth grader, led the team in scoring answering 57 toss-up questions in five games. She was joined on the team by fourth graders, Dunn Daniel, Adyson Crowe, J. T. Martinsky, Laykn Forrester, Mackenzie Cannon, and Jacob Meeks, and third graders Brandon Coston, Dalton Suggs, Bodey Steinfeldt, and Brighten Moore.

Westwood’s fifth grade team came in second at the 5th grade tournament. Eden Adams, who led the team in scoring, and Sara Kalanther, and Cameron Torrance served as team captains. Pierce Holland, Daniel Pitts, Jay Wright, Katelyn Bryant, Logan Kapitan, Rhyan Kelley, Courtney Swilling, Abigail Wisner and Hayden Leonard completed the team.

The East Pointe fifth grade team took fourth at the 5th Grade tournament. Captain Jabin Huff led the team in scoring answering 32 toss-up questions in six games. He was joined on the team by Riley Ortiz, Kennedy Holland, Mason Chrisman, Katie Rupert, Ben Moy, Abi Coston, Bree Steinfeldt, Hannah Buzbee, Ashlyn Bell, Trey Merreighn, and Jackson Smith. Kaylee Lynn served as the team’s scorekeeper.

The East Hills Middle School 6th Grade Quiz Bowl Team won the second place trophy at the Western Arkansas Educational Cooperative’s Sixth Grade Tournament. Captain Jack Williams led the team in scoring answering 25 toss-up questions in four games. He was joined on the team by Maddie Mathews, Miles Chrisman, Allison Rose, Evan Bartlett, Grant Huneycutt, Anna Johnson, Braden Lewis, Leigha Luster, Tatum Rhinehart, Chloe Novak, and Jonathan Ivey.

All the Greenwood elementary teams are extension activities of the Greenwood Gifted and Talented Program. The teams are coached by the schools’ gifted program coordinators. The Westwood teams were coached by Carrah Efurd. Rick Clow coaches the East Pointe and East Hills teams.