Hackett High School is starting off the new year by saving lives through blood donation with Arkansas Blood Institute (ABI). All healthy adults, 16 and older, are encouraged to donate blood from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Arkansas Blood Institute is a nonprofit regional blood center that provides every drop of blood needed for patients in 15 hospitals in western and south central Arkansas.

"Blood donations can decline in winter due to inclement weather," said John Armitage, M.D., president and CEO, "but patients in our community count on volunteer donors."

Donors will receive "FEEL BOLD" T-shirts, health screenings and Donor Rewards Points, redeemable at ABI’s online store. Additionally, if blood donors choose to forgo the T-shirts, funds designated for this item will go to support the Global Blood Fund assisting blood centers in developing countries.

Donations can be made every 56 days, with one donation saving as many as three lives. Appointments are not required but can be made by calling (877) 340-8777 or visiting arkbi.org.