Animal Control

Cat Regulation

The City of Greenwood does require that cats have a rabies vaccination not on a leash; therefore it is up to each citizen to determine how they choose to handle a stray cat. With the large number of abandoned cats and the subsequent litters they produce, our animal control officer would be hard pressed to handle the number of calls of stray cats in one neighborhood, let alone the entire city. The officer will respond only if a cat is suspected of being exposed to rabies or shows aggression.

Cat Traps

If you are having an issue with too many cats invading your yard, your best alternative is to borrow or rent a cat trap and trap the cats. You are required by law to take the cats to an Animal Shelter or local Vet. There is a fee to turn in a stray animal. The Animal Shelter/Vet does require that any Feral/Wild cat come in a commercial cat trap. The Greenwood Animal Control will loan you a trap for but you are required by law to take the animal to an Animal Shelter/Vet. There is a charge to drop off the stray cat at either location. You may also rent a cat trap at most feed stores or equipment rental stores.

Holding Cats at the Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter/Vet is required by Arkansas State law to hold the cat for a specific amount of time, to give the owners a chance to reclaim their pet. When the owners reclaim their cat, they are assessed fees and penalties, and instructed how to avoid their cat coming in again.


Don’t forget that in the month of January the fee for registration of your animals is waived by the city. After January the fee to register you animal is $5.00 for altered animals and $15.00 for intact animals. The fine for not having your animal registered is $25.00 for first offence and $50.00 for second offence.