Angels for All is the story of Ollie McNew Glenn striving with Roy, her husband, to achieve a good life for themselves and their children. This is a book of subtle romance, compassion, determination, and history of the Great Depression years.

Ollie and Roy start married life on a sharecrop farm, working for a better future and a place of their own. After they borrow money to buy the farm, drought and the Great Depression hits. Roy leaves for North Dakota to work in the wheat harvest so they can pay the mortgage and buy seed and fertilizer to plant crops the following year. Still nursing a baby, Ollie stays on the farm to harvest crops, care for farm animals, and two little girls.

Each chapter is an episode that illustrates difficulties imposed by farm life, drought, and the Great Depression. Almost every year, Roy goes away to find work while Ollie manages the farm and their children. She struggles against wild animals, foraging pigs, sickness, disease, storms, hunger, and neighbors that prowl night and day stealing everything they can get away with—including diapers, garden vegetables, harness, and cottonseed. Ollie, a Christian, is sorely temped to strike the neighbor woman when she sees her with one of the stolen diapers, but she has one baby on her hip, another clinging to her dress tail and the storekeeper begging her to walk away.

Ollie has a gift for premonitions, and berates herself for injuries she suffers after discounting intuitions of impending danger. She carries water to keep her garden alive, and guards it with a shotgun to keep out rabbits, pigs, and neighbors. While working, Ollie wears a pistol on her hip. She sleeps with the handgun under her pillow and a loaded shotgun at the head of her bed.

Nancy Powell is married and the mother of two children as well as seven grandchildren. She is a member of the Church of Christ, a member of River Valley Writers of Fort Smith, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. (OWFI), and Roundtable Poets. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock and retired from the City of Fort Smith with 29 years of service as Traffic Coordinator. She is now a full time author.

Dark Secrets, Originally called Ollie’s Angels, won first place in the 2010 Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc, (OWFI) Mainstream Novel Contest. Angels For All won third place in another 2010 OWFI Contest category. In addition, Nancy has won several awards for short stories and poetry. The book cover backgrounds and title page pictures are copies of Nancy’s oil paintings.