The Annual Guns & Hoses Blood Drive was a resounding success. Last Thursday, 59 people signed in to give blood and 43 donated. They were asked to mark down whether they were sent by the Police Department or the Fire Department. The department credited with sending in the most donors is awarded possession of the Guns & Hoses Trophy for the year. The Greenwood Fire Department has maintained possession of this trophy since the beginning of the event.

Chief Will Dawson made it his mission to change that this year. Dawson personally asked everyone he met to donate blood and mark down the Police Department. When the doors on the Arkansas Blood Institute’s bus closed at 6 p.m. and the names were tallied, the Greenwood Police Department had 36.5 names. They received a half vote from first time donor, Doug Kinslow. Kinslow marked down both Police and Fire.

Since 2010, the Guns & Hoses Blood Drive has generated an average of 28 donors in Greenwood. This year’s blood drive was a resounding success.

Marcia Fletcher, the Blood Program Consultant for the Arkansas Blood Institute, was extremely happy with the turnout. "We didn’t quite double the average, but we definitely exceeded it this year! I would like to challenge all the donors who showed up yesterday to get involved in our Greenwood community drive that happens every 8 weeks in Greenwood," she explained. "We really need their help and would like to see this drive grow as well."

Those that donated for the Guns & Hoses Blood Drive will be eligible to donate again at the Greenwood Community Drive on October 21. It will be held at the First Baptist Church ROC building from 1:45 to 6 p.m.

The blood each person donates can help up to three people and is kept for up to 42 days.