This letter is for all those who do not have the right last name or a large bank account, addressing an issue that has plagued me for years, equal opportunity or in this area rather the lack of. If you are a parent or a grandparent I am sure you will agree. When you are able to name the winner of a competition before the contest has even begun based off of the name of the contestants, or able to name your cheerleaders or football line-up long before tryouts have taken place, equal opportunity is most definitely not present. Every contest I have ever seen take place clearly states in the rules that if you are employed, a member or any way affiliated then you are ineligible to participate. If you choose to enter your child, grandchild, etc. then you should most certainly withdraw from your position. It is the right and fair thing to do for all the children involved. Many, many talented kids are looked over, left sitting on the sidelines or leave without their earned award because they did not have the right last name or mommy and daddy did not make a large enough donation. Seriously enough is enough.

Sincerely Jaylene Borst