My Mother never got old. Yes, her body was worn out and she lived to be almost ninety-seven, but in mind and spirit she was never old. She would say, "If I had a new SET OF KNEES I would be as good as a sixteen year old." I don’t think she would have gone to a Senior Citizens Center if she was hungry. She didn’t have time. Each day she called several people who were much younger that she was to check on them. Until her eyesight got so bad she read a lot, always learning new things. Her mind never wavered for which we were so thankful. I think Senior Citizen Centers are wonderful for senior citizens. It keeps them active and they don’t have so much time to be alone. Mama wrote her weekly column THIS and THAT for the Greenwood Democrat the week she left us. I have decided I am not going to get old. I am like Mama…many things about my body are wearing out but so far my mind is O.K. or that is what I am thinking. My family might not agree.

Friday, Connie and I went with Brook and family to the Tulsa Zoo and the Aquarium. I had been to the zoo several times but never to the aquarium. I believe Brook told me the aquarium is in Jinks, which to me is part of Tulsa. I have Osteoporosis which makes it hard for me to walk very far without getting stooped unless I am pushing a grocery cart or a stroller. The last time we went to Crystal Bridges Art Museum I got a walker. It is bright red with a seat on it. It works wonderful if I am going to do a lot of walking. Ladies have a bone density study if you haven’t had one done. I was shocked when I was diagnosed with Osteo. Be sure to get your daily dose of Calcium and Vitamin D. Back to my walker I took mine Friday and I can tell you I did great with walking although I did sit down a few times on one of the benches at the zoo. I did so well that I took a ride on a leopard and a great big buck deer that had a huge rack of antlers. If you had seen me you would have said as Mama used to say, "My mind wasn’t hitting on all cylinders." I rode the carousel twice. Not bad for an eighty plus year old woman. I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. Before we left the zoo our three year old wanted to ride again. We went back to let her ride. The woman operating the carousel asked me if I was going to ride again and I said, "I would love to." She said, "Pick out what you want to ride and I will lower it. It won’t cost you to ride." So she lowered the deer and I rode. There were people standing by taking my picture. Was I embarrassed? Not one bit. Did I have fun? You bet!

I loved the aquarium. To see the many wonders that live in the great bodies of water. Of course we saw only a few of the things that live in the seas. We saw many beautiful things. I got to pet a stingray. Their skin feels like velvet. My family was surprised that I would touch one. As I said before, "I don’t intend to get OLD." I wanted to ride the camel but my family wouldn’t stop long enough to let me. Connie said, "Mother, I have heard that it is a rough ride."

I love my little bright red walker with the seat on it. When we went to the Art Museum the first time I used it I felt a little embarrassed. Why? I don’t know. I saw a lot of them and I thought mine was the prettiest one. In fact a man offered to trade his black one for my bright red one. I guess bright red is one way to attract attention.

These FALL DAYS in August are good days to get out and do things because summer will return again I am sure.