The Greenwood Road Riders for Jesus hosted their first Baptism fellowship Saturday, August 10 at Blue Mountain Lake. Ten people were present and eight were baptized in Jesus’ name for the remission of sins. Everyone is feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and excited about being new creatures in HIM (the Lord).

Ministers Ed Spearman and his wife Linda (Vision Ministries) of Hackett, along with local RRJ Greenwood Chaplain Darrell Willett assisted in the baptisms.

RRJ President Bobby and VP Susan Gimlin had a burden on their heart to have a Christian Motorcycle Ministry here in Greenwood for nearly the past year. They said this is the beginnig of the ministry; just last week we were invited to assist the Hot Springs RRJ volunteers, at the Children’s Miracle fair hosted by Sam’s Club and WalMart there. People are learning that we are community minded and don’t mind helping out."