When I was in school and when I was working I never heard of Spring Break. This past week I took my first Spring Break. While Brook’s two were out of school I went with them to the beach. We went to Orange Beach, Alabama. I love the beach. I think it is because I love the sound of the surf. I go to sleep at night listening to a CD that is the sound of the surf. Needless to say it was kinda hard to leave 80 degree weather and come back to weather in the thirties. Each time that I go to the beach I wish that I had brought my bathing suit. When I am packing I think I would never get in the pool the way I look in a bathing suit as I do not have a bikini body. Then when I get there and see the sights you see I wish I had brought my suit and gone in the pool. Then I think it is still my body and if I won’t show it in Fort Smith I am not going to show it anywhere else so I just forget about going swimming, besides I can’t swim anyway. I cannot understand why I can’t swim as I grew up on the creek and all the rest of the family can swim. I can remember Daddy teaching me how. What happened??

It is hard to believe this weather then again why should I be surprised? This is Arkansas. I have a dogwood tree that is full of buds just ready to burst forth and have been for a week or two. I guess Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

Bob, Connie and me are going to Crystal Bridges Friday to see the Norman Rockwell’s exhibit . When we went last year the woods was full of dogwood blooming. It was beautiful. I was in hopes it would be the same this year but the weather is not cooperating. I love Norman Rockwell’s paintings. It is supposed to be an exhibit of his Saturday Evening Post Covers. Did you know that the Court House in Paris, Arkansas was on one of the covers? My understanding is that he was driving through Paris in the fall of the year when all the maples were in full color. He stopped and painted the scene. I am anxious to see if it is in the exhibit. I have a whole collection of plates of Rockwell’s rediscovered women. I need to see if I can sell them as I have no place to display them. When I lived in Greenwood I became a plate collector. I had space to display them. Now I don’t.

This daylight savings time has me so messed up I find myself getting up later than I have ever gotten up. Maybe it is my age and I just blame it on my age. I can tell you right now age makes a big difference in a lot of things I am used to doing. It seems like I get slower and slower every day. When I am griping about not waking up until six or seven my two kids say "Mother it doesn’t matter how long you sleep. You deserve it." I tell them, "I can just hear mama saying, ‘Get up, get up the British are coming!’" She never did believe in sleeping late even when she was in her nineties. I guess that is why I think I should be up at the crack of dawn. I will admit that is my favorite time of day. Sunsets are beautiful but to me that is a sad time of the day. I always wonder if I have done my best with my day. I will admit that when we were on the beach the sunsets were beautiful and I didn’t think a lot about what I had done all day which was nothing much. I was just enjoying my SPRING BREAK.