Grade & Age:

12th, 17.

How many years have you played football?

10 years.

What is your current position?

Running Back.

What positions have you played in the past?

Wide Receiver, Corner, Safety, Linebacker.

What other sports/activities are you involved in?

None at the moment.

What is your favorite subject in school?


What are your plans after High School?

Hopefully go and play football at Arkansas Tech.

How do you celebrate a win?

Hang out with some friends for a little while and then go home and sleep.

How has a coach/player affected your life on or off the field?

Justin Sunde, he motivated me to be a better running back. I remember last year before State, he called me to make sure I stayed calm and focused.

From last week’s Bulldog of the Week, Justin Barker, "What’s your best memory from football?"

Beating Southside last week at the last second!