The GHS Varsity Pom Squad attended NDA camp at UALR June 8-11th. While at camp they earned many awards and acknowledgements for outstanding ability and character both individually and as a team.

The participants received ribbons for excelling in areas such as spirit, showmanship, and technique. Young ladies who excelled in all three areas received All American Nominations. Each girl also had the opportunity to be individually evaluated on style routines they learned during the week. If they met certain criteria they could receive three different levels of ribbons: outstanding, excellent, and superior.

The following girls received awards:

*Senior –Captain - Kelley Brown: Technique, 2 Superior, All American Nomination

*Junior – Co Captain - Mackenzie Mullikin: Superior, All American Nomination

*Senior - Sara Earnhart: Showmanship, Excellent, Superior

*Senior - Cassie Hankins: Showmanship, Outstanding, Superior

*Senior - Shara Thames: Showmanship, Excellent, Superior, All American Nomination

*Senior - Lauren Weaver: Technique, 2 Superior, All American Nomination

*Junior - Kiki Vernon: Spirit, 2 Superior

*Sophomore - Isabella Davis: Spirit, Technique, Outstanding, Superior

*Sophomore - Kathryn Horn: 2 Excellent

In addition to the above, Kelley Brown, Mackenzie Mullikin, and Lauren Weaver were named to the All American Dance Team. There were only 8 girls chosen out of the 21 nominated for the All American Team.

There was also Top Gun competitions at camp in the areas of kick, turns, leaps, and hip hop. The following girls were in the finals for each competition: Kelley Brown for kicks; Mackenzie Mullikin for hip hop and turns; Shara Thames for kicks and turns; and Lauren Weaver for leaps. Kelley Brown was chosen as Top Gun for kicks for the entire camp.

Kelley Brown received a huge honor of being chosen to receive the Excellence in Leadership plaque for the entire camp. She showed outstanding leadership abilities throughout camp and in leadership class to receive this award.

There was also a special award given called Pin it Forward. It is given to dance campers who stood out for not only their ability but also their compassion and attitude towards everyone at camp. Three were given out by NDA staff. Mackenzie Mullikin was chosen to receive one of those three. The three chosen were then given the task to look at all the other dancers and to award another pin to someone they felt possessed the same characteristics. Kiki Vernon was awarded one of the last 3 pins given. She received hers from a young lady from Lewisburg, MO.

The following girls received a pin for completing St. Jude letters: Kelley Brown, Mackenzie Mullikin, Cassie Hankins, Isabella Davis, Kiki Vernon, and Lauren Weaver. The GHS team had not only the highest participation for this but also the most turned in with 58 total letters.

As a team, the GHS Varsity Pom Squad received the Technical Excellence trophy for their home routine. This is a routine they prepared at home to perform on the first day of camp. They were the first team to receive a Technical Excellence certificate. They also received the Technical Excellence plaque for being the team who showed the most technical excellence. Finally, they received the Silver plaque for their team dance routine.

The GHS Varsity Pom parents would like to thank Coach Belinda Sims for being there for the girls every step of the way and being very attentive to the girls’ every need while at camp. "The girls are very much looking forward to displaying their continued hard work at all the Greenwood events while cheering the GHS teams to victory," a spokesperson said.