The Greenwood Bulldogs game against the Little Rock Hall Warriors played like a scene from the Bad News Bears. Of the 18 runs scored against Little Rock, only four of them were earned. With the majority of the Warriors consistenting of first time players, the plethora of throwing and fielding errors was no surprise.

Kino Hines, the pitcher for Little Rock, threw 112 pitches in four innings. He was only counted for four runs, but the Bulldogs scored 18 times. The Bulldogs pitching was shared between Jake Herrel (2 innings, 39 pitches), Michael Rhea (2 innings, 26 pitches) and Cody Smith (1 inning, 16 pitches). Herrel was the starter, earning the win after a 12-0 lead.

Eleven different Bulldogs crossed home plate and the game was over in the bottom of the fifth with Greenwood winning 18-0.