The 2017 Yule Run in Greenwood was a great success with runners from all over the river valley as well as from Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas as well. The following is a list of the top finishers in the race.

Joshua Merritt of Greenwood finished first with a time of 19:02 followed by: Nicholas Lewis of Greenwood 19:03, Alex Yepez of Van Buren 19:10, Greenwood 20:03, Derrick Willson of Greenwood 20:30, Gavin Ciesla of Greenwood 20:36, Taylor Koeth of Greenwood 20:45, Cody Sanderson of Booneville 20:46, Don Edge of Ozark 22:06, Dillon Willson of Greenwood 22:29, Brett Nguyen of Fort Smith 22:42, Erin Rhodes of Muldrow OK 23:03, Elizabeth Merritt of Greenwood 23:03, Jax McAlister of Greenwood 23:31, David Coggin of Fort Smith 23:38, Ellis Eserman of Greenwood 23:48, Mark Williams of Greenwood 24:07, Alex Rosas of Fort Smith 24:12, Dalton Oxford of Greenwood 24:19.6, Jody Bonds of Huntington 24:20, Chans Foote of Fort Smith 24:27, David Weisenfel of Ft Smith 24:31, Ty Reasnor of Russellville 24:38, Brandon Coston of Greenwood 24:51,Shawn Hickman of Greenwood, Kaitlynne Elmore of Greenwood 25:11, Jeff Lewis of Greenwood 25:13, William Doss of Greenwood 25:16, Osvaldo Ambriz of Greenwood 25:19, Ha Vuong of Ft Smith 25:20, Mike Dunkel of Ozark 25:20, Dax Lewis of Greenwood 25:21, Rebecka Tyson of Fort Smith 25:32, Brandon Godfrey of Greenwood 25:36, Madeline Ciesla of Greenwood 25:48, Pablo Ambriz of Greenwood 25:53, Aaron Vines of Ft Smith 25:58, Chris Brewer of Midland 26:02, Abi Coston of Greenwood 26:04, Craig Mitchell of Van Buren 26:04, Tiffany Diaz of Fort Smith 26:35, Joe Trusty 26:37, Michelle McClure of Lavaca 26:42, Mistii Elmore of Fort Smith 26:45, Cooper McOmbs of Greenwood 26:52, Mischelle Coston 26:55, Chris Walden of Tulsa, Kelly Trusty of Ft Smith 27:38, Kevin Johnson of Muldrow 27:44, Gabe Gurrola of Van Buren 27:57 Luke Brewer of Midland 28:00, Nicholas Todd of Magazine 28:08, Rafael Gutierrez of Fort Smith 28:11, Ken Hensley of Greenwood 28:23, Jarrett Baker of Fort Smith 28:24, Berg Lindsey of Greenwood 28:32, Jessica Cummings of Fort Smith 28:33, Lea Ann Sappington of Hackett 28:38, Nick Coston of Greenwood 28:39, Yesenia Rosas of Fort Smith 28:41, Lora Brake of Mulberry 28:41, Debbie Fritsche of Greenwood 28:44, Diana Weibrauch of Ft Smith 28:44,Rachel Fritsche of Denver 28:45, Black Stallion of Danville 28:55, Brett Hill of Clovis New Mexico 28:55, Michelle Dean of Barling 28:58, Kent Hill of Fort Smith 28:58, Kim Pulliam of Fort Smith 29:02, Sheri Nichols of Huntington 29:09, Rachel Patton of Greenwood 29:16 Jason Mendez of Van Buren 29:19, Aaron Smith of Gainesville TX, 29:23, Francois Van Der Watt of Greenwood 29:24, Amy Daniel of Greenwood 29:26, Dawn Dodson of Muldrow 29:27, Hayden Daniel of Greenwood 29:27, Debbie Brown of Greenwood 29:34, Mike McAlister of Greenwood 29:35, Chris Linam of Fort Smith 29:36, Josie Merreighn of Greenwood 29:38, Mariah Bartok of Greenwood 29:43, Paul Kinder of Hackett 29:46, Camryn Coston of Greenwood 29:55 Xander Eserman of Greenwood 29:57, Brandon Payton of Lowell 30:32, Seyris Whorton of Hatfield 30:42, Jason Turner of Hackett 30:46, Veronica Schumacher of Greenwood 30:47, Leanne Turner of Hackett 30:56, Deb Card of Greenwood 30:58, Patric Coggin of Fort Smith 31:05, Cara Payton of Lowell 31:24, Kelly Mulvihill of Greenwood 31:26.