One thing I’m not, and that is wasteful. I don’t think I’m frugal. Maybe just a little bit. Really, I think I’m more of a saver.

I just checked my bundle of last year’s bank statements to confirm a transaction I made sometime in December 2013. Thank goodness, I had taken care of it. The rubber band snapped. Did I take a "new" rubber band from my colorful rubber band ball? No, I did not. I stretched that orange rubber band, tied a know, wrapped it around the bundle of bank statements and that took care of that. That ball of rubber bands was a gift for my 80th birthday. (I’m easy to buy for.)

At my age…it’s the little things that makes me content and happy. I find myself "makin do" when it isn’t necessary. I would probably do much better sometime by discarding and discovering what’s new on the market out there to improve my way of living, making life a little easier…and at a cost that’s minimal.

I really like rubber bands, twistees and paper clips.

Now I know somewhere "new" twistees are sold in abundance, but I’ve never bothered to check. Why should I? I have plenty. The only time I discard one is when the thin wire separates from the plastic and can’t do the twist anymore, besides the one on the just-purchased loaf of bread will take it’s place.

Another thing while I’m on the subject of frugality, I don’t like running short of paper clips.

Along with the rubber band ball I received on my 80th birthday, there was also six brand new boxes of paper clips. (My family knows me pretty well.)

Twistees, rubber bands and paper clips. Such simple objects, but for me, all very important for improving and making things a little bit handy in my life.

I keep plenty on hand. It’s like I have a garden with a long row of each: twistees, rubber bands and paper clips. Without cultivating, they keep producing.

Over time, I have bought paper clips (on sale.) I prefer the original, but I do have colored ones…some shaped like miniature clothes hangers.

Back to the subject of rubber bands. I never look far for one. I have a large box full of all sizes and bright colors. Purchased at Triple R. Freight, long out of business, which was a real bargain at…I could live to be 100 years old and not run short, of which I add to from time to time, removed from bundles of vegetables, broccoli to green onions to U.S. Mail. Rubber Bands that are manufactured here in Arkansas…The Alliance Rubber Co. in Hot Springs, located there since 1944.

Do you know the frustration of needing any of the three objects and unable to locate? Not me.

Three simple, but important items that help me keep my home organized and make me happy as long as I have an abundant supply…twistees, rubber bands and paper clips.