The car show this year was great. Lots of people from all over the area showed up to display their prized possessions. This year’s addition of a cruise night, concert and burn out competition truly made it an interesting day long event. I saw a friend from high school, Eddie Rozell, and we started talking about our old cars. Eddie asked me about my first truck, a 1961 Chevy. It was kind of beautiful. It was emerald green and had this long vinyl bench seat. My friend Jason would attempt to flip the blinker on, or shut off my lights while I was driving. One night I Armor Alled the seat down real well and when he reached for my hazard lights I took a hard left turn. Jason slid a few feet and smacked his head on the window.

The truck had an on the column shifter. I am convinced if you can learn how to drive with this type of shifter you can drive almost anything. I spent many hours in Deerwood Estates, before there were any houses, grinding gears while learning how to take off in the old truck. Like any other kid I didn’t really appreciate what I had even though I had purchased it myself and soon sold it so that I could buy a 1966 Mustang. It was a terrible orange color and the paint was oxidized. It looked like a dying pumpkin but it had a 289 V8 with a four barrel carburetor. I had many near death experiences in this car. One time while trying to impress Jason I thought I would show him how fast the pumpkin could go by passing a diesel on our way to Hot Springs. There was another diesel coming the other way but I was confident I could make it in time. I was wrong. Evasive action was needed so I jerked the wheel to the left into a gravel parking lot and stomped on the breaks. We spun around a few times before coming to a stop. Thank God we had spun out in a gas station parking lot because Jason, after he realized that he was going to live, immediately announced that he had to use the bathroom. I told Eddie at the car show that, that was the car I really missed. He then pointed to the courthouse parking lot and said, "You mean one like that?". Eddie had just bought one for less than I paid for my first truck. I currently drive a 2000 Mustang but it just isn’t the same.