The State Board of Education named James "Tony" Wood of Searcy as the new State Education Commissioner. For all information about state go to and you can look at the education department and what is going on in the state on education. Also, this site has a link to the agencies, state directors, jobs, and legislative and executive branches. It it a good site to browse to learn more about the state.

More than 17,000 Arkansans were approved for coverage under the state’s expanded Medicaid program in May, raising total to more than 187,000 enrolled.

This seems to be the season for scams so everyone, especially seniors, beware. One scam is that you receive a phone call from a supposed police officer who says you missed jury duty and would be fined $1000. They say something like you need to go to a specific place and get pre-paid cards and that you are being watched. If you do not do this, you would be arrested the next day. Police never call you and tell you to get pre-paid cards. If you have a fine they would tell you to come to the police department to pay them. Another scam is that someone calls claiming to represent the lottery. They inform you that you have won so much money in a second chance drawing. The caller may know your address and information and they tell you to go to local store and purchase a pre-paid card to use to pre-pay taxes owned on the prize. This is also the same type of scam that someone calls and says they are from some other contest. They may even give you a toll free number that is suppose to be from the agency, company or police department. When called, there is a recorded message that mimics the company, Lottery’s phone message or a police station. If someone calls and asks you to get pre-paid cards for anything to pay a fine, or taxes or shipping, do not call the number they give you. Look up the real number and give them a call, whether it might be the police department, lottery office or any other agency. You look up the number and cal. Do not use the number given you as that is just part of the scam. These people who call have enough information about you that it seems real. Always be careful. Lottery players should remember that they are never required to pay money to claim a prize and that they typically do not call people about contests. Never provide personal or financial information over the phone unless you have initiated the call or you are absolutely certain the call is legitimate.

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