It rained last night. I don’t know how much. Even though the streets are dry my four o’clock are flat on the ground. It also cooled the air. I am able to sit out on the patio where

there is a cool breeze blowing and the birds are singing. After the past two weeks of ninety degree weather it is indeed a welcome change.

When I think of my years of growing up and all the hot, hot summer when the only relief from the heat was playing in Heartsill Creek. Connie reminded me yesterday that when she was young the only cooling system we had was a big fan. She told someone that we didn’t even have a water cooler fan. It was not until we built our house, after the tornado, that we had a cool house.

It seemed to me that on one of the hottest days of summer, or should I say the hottest Saturday, Mama took all of us kids to the Court House for our yearly typhoid shots. We had to go up stairs of the old court house to the County Health Nurse’s office to get our shots. My shot always made me sick before I made it down the stairs. Then we had to walk home in the hot, hot, sun. Oh, how I dreaded that day. May kids have asked me why we had to take the shots. I told them it was the style when really it was because it was the belief that if you had well water to drink there was a danger of getting typhoid. I was always under the impression we had a Mother who like to torture children, (joking of course.)

because we not only had to take the shots but take quinine too. When we were too little to swallow a capsule, which she filled with the quinine, we had to take cocoa quinine, a liquid.

I don’t think they made anything more bitter. Spring time also meant drinking sassafras tea. I think Mama used all the torture methods on us that her parents used on her. I’ve even been known to use a few torture methods on my children to hear them tell it. The worse being trying to make them eat liver. There was all this information coming out that one should eat liver at least once a week. Trying to be the "Good Mother" I tried it on my family. I have never been forgiven. Bob says he had never been prouder of Connie than when she got sick at the table and upchucked when trying to eat liver. That was the first and last time trying to be the Good Mother by feeding them liver.

When I was working at the hospital we had a patient who was a Missionary in another country. She had been diagnosed with typhoid which meant all of us who took care of her had to have a typhoid shot. I was able to talk them in to letting me take my shot at the end of my shift because I knew what it would do to me. Sure enough I thought I wouldn’t make it to Greenwood. How thankful I am that I no longer have to drink well water. I guess with all the modern filters one doesn’t have to worry about drinking water from a well. In fact a lot of towns get their municipal water system from wells. My, my how things have changed. Cool houses, water from a faucet and no more typhoid shots since my growing up in Greenwood.