I have always loved a birthday party. When I was a little girl getting to go to a birthday party was almost as exciting as waiting for Christmas. Getting to dress up in your Sunday best, buying the perfect gift, which cost maybe 25 or 50 cents. Can’t you just imagine what a little girl of today would think if they got something like socks or a hair ribbon for a birthday gift? I missed a birthday party last Sunday that I hated to miss. The 100th birthday for Era Walker. Due to the heat and the fact that I still have dizzy spells from my fall I was afraid to drive to Greenwood by myself. Thus I had to miss it. I guess I have known Era all of my life. When I was just a little girl my dear friend, Miss Ellen Squires, would take me with her for her weekly Sunday afternoon visits with friends,. One of her dear friends was Era’s Mother, Mrs. Stockton. In the summer we visited on the front porch and a walk among her flowers and garden. In the winter we sat around the stove. As Era was older than me she was usually out and gone on Sunday afternoons. I remember when she became a bride. I, also, remember when she became a Mother. I smile to myself when I think about how she talked about Roy Leon. She always used both names and that smile from ear to ear when she talked about him. Roy Leon, if you don’t know it you were the smartest baby in Greenwood.

Today, Era still has that same smile. A smile of pride when she talks about Roy Leon and daughter, Sherry. Era how the years have flown by since I walked up "Red Hill" on Sunday afternoons. Red Hill is now called Old Hackett Road. I think it was called Red Hill because of the red clay mud you had to walk through in bad weather before the road was paved. You still give me a lift when I see you with that smile and laugh how could a person not get a lift? I heard your party was the best every. After all to get to celebrate a hundred years it should be.

As I said I love a party especially when it is mine. The Birthday Girls had our birthday breakfast Saturday and this time it was mine. Although my birthday is not until the 22nd. Betty Kersy is still older than me. Come Tuesday, how I dread it, I will be as old as she is. I really look forward to the Birthday Breakfast with such special friends. My birthday will really be celebrated this year as it is the FIRST birthday of Prince George. I can just sit back and pretend I’m part of the celebration.