An estimated 700,000 people are homeless in this country. There are over 2 million Americans wishing they could find a job and nearly 60 million living below the poverty level. We would like to ask our government for help, but they are $17 trillion in debt.

So how is it that we just sent $1 billion dollars to help fund a civil war in Eastern Europe? That is in addition to the $18 billion we have helped raise through other world allies. Most of that $18 billion came from us, by the way.

It is all under the guise of "protecting" a weaker country. The rich and powerful in Ukraine want to be independent from Russia, but many of the people wish to again be part of their homeland. They are not alone. People from all over Eastern Europe are crying for a return to Russia.

Our government can’t have that. If these people are allowed to return to Mother Russia, she might gain more power. Smaller, weaker countries are easier to control. We can buy off leaders in small countries much cheaper than we could when the Soviet Union was the "other world power."

The Russian invasion of Crimea was quick and relatively injury free. That is probably because over 75% of the Crimean people wanted to be part of Russia. The only ones willing to fight were sitting in an office in Kiev.

The Russians have promised not to conquer anybody. They don’t have to. The people are divided. Half of Ukraine wants to be part of Russia again. The other half wants to be independent. Sound familiar? Our own country went through something similar about 150 years ago when brother fought brother.

Russia will support those that ask for it. They are only freeing the people from a government, a life they do not want. We can’t let Russia do that. How dare anyone else but the United States of America become anyone’s "Big Brother?" Trillions of dollars were spent to break up the Soviet Union so we could be the only Super Power in the world. We introduced capitalism and democracy to Mother Russia and now they are trying to use those tools to rebuild. Nope, you can bet American leaders don’t want that to happen.

I’ll bet if we sent a battalion of our world renowned poll takers over to Ukraine and let them canvas the people, we would get a much different story than our government is telling us.

Why is it so hard to believe that a people would want to be Russian? If we are going to help, then let’s help the people who need it, not the rich ones in power. And lets start at home before we are the ones facing another Civil War.