You are never too old to learn. Sometimes I find it out the hard way. Thus it was this week when Niece Barbara came by with pictures of my Daddy’s family. It was fun trying to identify who was who. Right then I realized something I have never done and that is WRITE THE NAME ON THE BACK OF THE PICTURES. As there is no one we can really rely on to help us it is just a guess as who is who. One thing I do know there is not one of my Bolin ancestors who would have won a beauty contest. The problem is I can see myself looking like my aunts. One of the pictures must have been made around 1930 as I was just a baby. I have a closet shelf full of photograph albums with pictures made of the different places I have been. Where were they made, what place and time I do not know because I didn’t write on any of them. The late Kermit McNabb had names and dates written on all of his family pictures. What pictures I had of my family I lost in the tornado. I did not have any of my ancestors from either side. Barbara communicates with some of our Bolin kin in California. Kin that I didn’t know was in existence. My two nieces, Barbara and her sister Debbie, sister Jane’s daughters, are into genealogy. They are researching the Bolin and Wright families. Mama’s maiden name was Wright. Niece Carla has worked on the Wright side, too. Janelle Hughart Conley has been working on the Hughart side of the family for a number of years. I am afraid to find out about my family tree afraid there might be something I might not want to know.

When I was growing up I used to think that the late Vol Solesbee was Daddy’s twin brother. I always called him Uncle Vol. I was either too young or stupid not to realize he had a different last name. I loved him like he was my uncle. When he died his daughter, the late Retha Harris, called me up to McConnel Funeral Home when the family was visiting,and she said, "If you want to see what your Dad looked like come see my Dad." They were no kin but would have passed for brothers.

One time when Frank was working at Chaffee he told me that there was a girl who worked out there that would have passed for my twin. One time we were in a grocery store in Fort Smith when I came face to face with her. I almost laughed and was in shock when I saw her. Sure enough we could have passed for twins although she was much prettier than me. I guess as sad as it might seem we must all have a double somewhere in this world.

When I think of Vol Solesbee I think of the time Pat wanted to go to the Rodeo. He was six and had made up his mind that he was going to hitch hike to Fort Smith. We were living where Crooked Creek is now located. Daddy made it up that Uncle Vol would pick him up and take him to the rodeo. That was when it was held at Andrews Field in the day time. So Pat was allowed to go out to the highway at the time Uncle Vol was to come along. Of course he was taken care of the rest of the day. When he got home he told Mama that he could have bought a pillow for a dime but spent it for something to drink. Mama always said if he had rented the cushion for a dime they could not have gotten it back because he was thinking he was buying it.

Back to picture making—-today most people have a fancy digital camera or use their fancy phones to make pictures. How does one know when or where their pictures were made? I just remembered that they can be put on the computer where you can add music and watch them like watching a video. Oh, My! How times have changed. I guess when my Greats grow up and have families of their own they can get together, watch a disk and wonder who is in the pictures.