I have spent the last two weeks "attending" the Winter Olympics games from the beautiful Russian Country side in Sochi, Russia. The snow covered mountains are beautiful. I didn’t know there are so many different kinds of skiing. I thought there was just the Alpine type. I have learned there are many types plus there is snowboarding the mountain at eighty plus (more or less) miles an hour. There was snowboarding and skiing on the half pipes with so many flips and turns it is enough to make one dizzy. I saw tears of joy and tears of heart break. I saw parents cry for joy and for heart break for their child. The American couple who won the Ice Dancing had been practicing together for seventeen years. They were only small children when they started skating together. For a number of years the Canadians have won the couples dancing Gold Medal. When the Americans won they became so upset that I thought there might be trouble. My back is more bent than it was from watching the speed skating, cross country skiing, and the triathlon, not to mention ice hockey.

The opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular. I think all Olympians should go home with a medal. Just think of the years and years of practice they have put in just to make it to the Olympics. I almost missed the sleds. How they go down the ice at more than eighty miles an hour without falling off I will never know. Bob Sleds at least give the riders a little protection where the sleds are open. One type of sled the rider lies on their back. I watched as the skiers flew down the mountain when it was snowing so hard or the fog was so thick they could hardly see. Regardless of the weather the games went on. I enjoy the Winter Games more than I do the Summer Games.

In 1992, while I was in Seoul, Korea I had the privilege of standing in the Olympic Stadium where the Summer Games had been held. I had watched the games when they were in progress never dreaming that someday I would be standing there. Just think I was able to attend the Winter Games being held in Sochi, Russia from the comfort of my old blue recliner.

Another interesting place I have been this past week is a trip to the Fort Smith Art Center to see the exhibit of Valentines from the early eighteen and nineteenth Centuries. That was the time when one gave someone a Valentine it was really a SPECIAL thing. The display is very artfully displayed in frames. Some of them are beautiful works of art. It is really worth your time to go see them. They will be on display until April. I will admit that I would have never thought about going if my friend, Joy, had not suggested we go. Joy is my friend who is a transplant from New York who knows more about Arkansas than I do. There are not many places or interesting things in Arkansas she hasn’t seen. When she hears of something interesting in Arkansas she grabs a friend and off they go to check it out. Last year, or the year before, we made a trip to Heber Springs to see the Trumpeter Swans. What an amazing thing to see when a swan with a six foot wing span coming in for a landing on the water.

Now that the Olympic Games are over I guess I will just be satisfied watching the Bachelor. I don’t know why they don’t have a Senior Bachelor or Bachelorette. There is a lady in Greenwood whom I would try to get to apply. She is little and cute with an infectious smile. As the late Kendrick Richardson used to say, "Someone was as cute as a little mouse ear." Now I don’t know and don’t plan to find out how cute a little mouse ear is.

It is about time to turn our clocks FORWARD which will get me more mixed up than I am already. Well! I guess that is life. My sleep habits are such a mess it will not make a lot of difference. Neither Frank Hughart nor the late Bob Dunn ever changed their watches. That gives me a good laugh.